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D15 is your one-stop shop solution provider of web design and online optimization for your company. We can assist you to realize your vision for your business, help you to buy targeted traffic in the most efficient way possible, give you the power and control to bring in new customers and implement effective strategies to retain clients.

Our vision

D15 aims to be the top web solutions provider for all levels of businesses and give them the best way to reach their customer base and show them what they are looking.

Convenience, user experience, easy-to-understand procedures, click rate optimization, and longer website visitors log in are some of the characteristics of websites that we keep in mind when designing the interface of the site.

Our mission

Solutions do not have to be complicated. The core processes that you have in your business are difficult enough to manage and monitor. Adding online marketing to your To-do list is something that can take up precious time and money from your end.

Our mission is to offer the easiest and competitively priced strategies to businesses. We believe that clients can focus all their energy on their core operations if they outsource their web design solutions.

What is D15?

D15 is a company that provides web design services to clients who want to boost their sales, buy website traffic, increase website visitors, and optimize their website. We do not just create a simple website and just leave the rest of its management to you.

What services do you provide?

You can hire D15 for your web design and content needs. We have in-house teams for WordPress web design, Joomla web design, Drupal web design, Magento web design, Shopify e-commerce store design, WooCommerce store design, HTML coding, CSS coding, Landing page content design, Theme design, Custom blog design, and more. If you want to know more about the services that we offer you can send us a message through our Contact form.

What is the extent of your coding services?

It depends on the project that we both agreed on taking. As long as the coding is related to the project, like theme design, change of color, table creation, CTA buttons, giving offers & coupons, creating a landing page for promo codes and voucher codes, we will assist you all the way. If the request is not a part of the project, you can just request a quote for an add-on to get the service.


Introduction to creating awebsite using Dreamweaver MX

Why hire us?

Your web design needs should be provided by a company that is equipped with experience, skills, and training. You should partner with a team will do their best effort to give your customers an Amsterdam Heineken experience or the Amsterdam city tour and Keukenhof gardens when they browse your website’s pages. If you have a team that has all the capabilities of handling this aspect of your business, then you can have the freedom to manage your system and your business in general.

Services that we offer


We have a separate team that handles all types of coding. We can basically make anything that you want for your website. Customized color? Animated buttons? Sliders? Clickable tables? We can all create them for our clients.

Theme Design

Themes that are available when you shop online can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The problem with these themes is that it does not really reflect what you are as a company and your needs to totally connect to your clients.

When you hire us to create a theme, we first set up a meeting with you. We will listen to what you want for your website. And we will also make recommendations based on our own experiences in handling different industries. After the collaboration, we will create your theme and make adjustments whenever necessary.

Website design

Do you know that creating a website for your company will readily increase your credibility and integrity as a business? Giving your contact information and address can build the trust of your customers and potential clients on your company.

The right management of a website can also exponentially increase your sales and number of buyers. Understanding the click rate and the way your customers behave can also bring you growth in engagement. We can do both of these things and more for your website.


I thought that web design is expensive. I assumed that only large companies with millions of dollars can afford a website. Thanks to these guys, I learned that I can allocate a portion of my earnings to create and maintain the site. The boost in sales justifies the investment that I apportioned to the skills of their team.

Ralph K. Graves

I have a personal tech blog about phones, devices, and other products. I understand technology. But I am not equipped with the right tools to market my reviews. I tapped this company’s services. They helped me with the restructuring of my website and the promotion of my blogs on the right platforms.

Richard P. Firth

I own a travel agency in the Netherlands. I did not know how to start the business. I approach this company and asked for help. They guided me with the proper techniques to market Amsterdam city trips and Amsterdam canal tours. Now, I have customers booking trips and passes all year round.

William L. Meehan

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